CBA Certification
We offer and administer the Certified Badass (CBA) TM  credential -- the true mark of distinction for any badass.  To quality, one must complete a simple application and answer a variety of questions honestly -- the results will show whether or not the recipient is deserving of this outward sign of awesomeness.

For those who are not badasses but aspire to be, please come back when you are ready.  You are not yet of our caliber.


What We Offer

The National Association of Certified Badasses (NACB) exists to promote that innate awesomeness that is the American Badass.  We offer the CBATM  credential, an outward and public sign (or warning) to others that you hold this prestigious distrinction.  It only proves, however, what everyone already knows -- that the holder is a true badass

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